Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wishing Time Away

One summer night in the country
On the front porch steps 
Of the farmhouse 
At the end of the dirt road
Sits a boy 
Staring at the night sky.

His youthful eyes
Vision sharp as an eagle
Select a single star 
Not the biggest
Not the brightest
But is speaks to him 
Louder than the rest.

He closes those same eyes
And silently makes a wish
Not for wealth or toys
Not for things that pass away
He wishes instead 
That someone special
Would be his special friend.

Thirty years later
And half a lifetime spent
That same wish remains
Unanswered but still his
HOPE remains

Then out of nowhere
Just as he has resigned 
Himself to keeping 
All the things the others
Laughed at hidden inside
His wish is granted.

One winter night in the city
On the front porch steps
Of the split foyer
In the cul de sac
Sits a man
Staring at the night sky.

His eyes strain to see
That same single star
Not the biggest
Not the brightest
But it still speaks just as loudly.

He closes those same eyes 
And silently says "Thanks"
For the gift that is most precious
And is there to stay 
He thanks his lucky star 
For the gift of his special friend.

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