Tuesday, January 31, 2012

These Hands

These hands know you
They have memorized every contour of your body
The textures of your clothes and the silkiness of what lies beneath

  They communicate between us
Telling you of my loving desire
And hearing your message of eager acceptance in return
Through your movements underneath their touch

They hold memories of times we've shared
Wiping tears from your eyes 
Moving the hair from your face

  They have been beaten beyond their years through hard work
 But manage to make beautiful music when the heart commands
  And their greatest symphony is You

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Company of Thoughts

Eyes open before the dawn
Lying in the darkened room
My breath is the day's first sound 
And my first thought is the thought of you.

Words glowing in my mind's eye
No audible notes fall on my ear
Not necessary to reinforce their strength
Your voice is the sound I hear.

Morning's anticipation dispels daily routine
Awaiting heart's contact through space
Closure of the eyes brings sights more real
The sight of my hand on your face.

Day's end arrives and eagerness drives
My whole being back to the space
It's there once again I'm there with my friend
We're at home in this limitless space.

Eyes overwhelmed with such beauty
Surprised you're real yet again
Torn between rushing to hold you 
And thirsting to drink it all in.

Eyes open before the dawn
Lying in a darkened room
My breath is the day's last sound 
And my last thought is the thought of you.