Sunday, December 11, 2011

HOPE's embrace

Storms inside my mind
The same old demons 
That are faced each time
Clawing at the walls
Built to keep them at bay

Terrors grip my heart
Nightmare thoughts and 
Fears of what's returned
Ripping at the gates
Locked against their assault

Looking inside I see
The darkness enveloping 
Psyche begins to crumble
Bit by bit, Stone by Stone.
Into the cluttered sum of it's parts

The warm hand's touch!
Fingers soft as air
Beauty's face approaches
And the breath is on my lips

The perfume of warm skin
Eyes so deep, they see my essence
Whispered words louder than screams
HOPE takes me by the soul 
And all is right again.


  1. Wow! Love it, Mr. Bogle! Do you by any chance do a lot of free-lance writing on the side? Very, very good!

  2. It's ALL free Mrs. Vaughn and Thank you. :)