Monday, December 12, 2011

Moonlight's Might

The arduous day
Begins it's decay
Light fades into 
A rosy warmth
Belying the evening chill

The sky empties it's light
Diurnal life fades from sight
New perspective takes on form
Life of night time
And darkness is born

Emptiness of spirit
Hollow spaces grow
Solitude attempting to steal 
Away inside my soul

Then as soon as it fades
In it's place become new light
Reflection of Sol
Now makes me whole
As we share the glow of night

An upward gaze compels
Transfixed by a common sight
Separated by distant space
But bound together 
By Moonlight's Might

Voices scream inside your head
Telling your dreams are all but dead
Lies they speak and Havoc they wreak
Attempt to destroy but they're too weak
And driven back by Moonlight's Might

Intimate secrets shared
Days filled with common sight
Of two souls brought together
An adventure shared this glowing night
A bond bound by Moonlight's Might

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