Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Part Not Apart

In the early morning hour
When awakening clears away
The mist of sleep inside my mind
Your image is there again

Immersed in life's tyrant demands
Enslaved by daily routine
Held captive by one thousand tasks
Your face is all I see

Time with you so fleeting
We're called away too soon
Left only wanting healing
Of the touch and feel of you

Grasping for single connection
Just one tie to what WE are
Lasting perfect perfection
Becomes the beating of my heart

No longer my own will heeding
No more my self to please
Beginning of the needing
Surrenders life to all your needs

Your blood carries my essence
Inside your veins I flow
Your heart pumps luminesence
This love's light will only grow

My breath carries your breathing
Becoming erat spiritus vitae
Reassuring my whole being 
This love's light is here to stay

More powerful than miles
Distance holds no sway
More real than time spent waiting
On one more ethereal day.

When questions come to haunt you
When doubts arise to fight
They hold NO sway nor the games they play
Because we share one heart tonight

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  1. Wow! Wow! Wow! That is very beautiful!!! Great job on this!!