Sunday, March 18, 2012


And sleep wont come.

Thoughts physically forced from conciousness
Return one time more than the strength needed to 
Remove them and they stand inside the mind
Defiantly smiling their crooked grins.

About things only the weak would ponder
Motives of actions and the headings of chosen course.

Given glimpses of hidden happenings
Shared snippets of a parallel world
And the mind completes the portrait
The hidden scene comes into view.

Comes on the heels of total immersion
The embrace of heart and mind
The body opens the door of fragility
And the soul runs headlong inside.

Neitzche was an angry, empty soul
But his view of the abyss becomes truth.

Remains where it's always been
Never moving from it's Gibraltic stature
Standing at arm's length
It's location and it's lesson.

To give the freedom to watch and learn
By giving the freedom to others to live
And watching the lessons they teach.

Always announcing itself through pain
Like the bones of the young ones
At night when it's time to sleep.

Does expectation of evolution forget
So quickly that NOW is when the idioms 
Ring so true and words shouted in strength
Fall on weakness' deaf ears retain their meaning?

Stimulus and response dictates change.

Outside eyes will not see the end from the now
Their mouths and hands will attempt to dictate
To mold this pliable thing that is you 

Ten million puppeteers ten million times a day
In ten million ways to control 
When they cant even control themselves.
Vicarious living at it's best.

Giving Growth the room it needs
To do it's work of change
Requires the blind acceptance of
Creation and remembrance that Creation comes from WITHIN.

ALONE brings change and not other's ideas
Inside is where the work, pain, struggle and motivation
To continue breathing reside.

The throne of the mind is NEVER taken, ONLY given.
Allow only strength to rule there
Do not attempt to control others


But evolve into YOU

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

"None Shall Pass!"

I work in an environment filled with poison.  The very air in certain areas is filled with harmful particles and most surfaces require a washing of the hands after they are touched.

I have learned to keep the contaminants of my environment out of my body. It takes consistent effort and attention to detail, but it is not impossible. 

The mind is the same way.

Do you allow things that are detrimental to your productivity and improvement inside your mind? 

Do they fester inside, eating at your will to succeed and improve?

Be the gatekeeper of your mind, safeguard your thoughts and digest only the things that are conducive to growth and excellence.

Negativity can be all over you, but that doesn't mean it any of it has to be inside.

Time to lock the GATE.