Monday, March 6, 2017

A Father's Son

"For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son..." -John 3.16

The lights are off in the house, the faint glow of a lamp in the adjacent room guiding me down the hall. I almost pass your bedroom and stop. A hand involuntarily reaches inside the doorway and flips the switch. The familiar scene of your bed with it's random clothing strewn across the covers is there. Four steps inside and I stop to read the pages of your Bible open to the last place you read. A touch of your pillow and a quiet prayer of protection as a tear falls. You're perfectly fine and despite the knowing, my heart grieves with intense passion. As the prayer continues, the Comforter begins His work anew - reminding me of those parents who don't have the luxury of ever hearing their child's voice again in this world and that my pain is nothing compared to what they must feel.

Then He whispers in my ear something I've not yet considered. The story of how a Father once gave up His Son for us. For the first time, I see what I've heard my whole life now through the eyes of the Father as He bankrupted heaven and let go of the One most precious to Him. What Love! 

Thank you Son for the lesson in love. I love you Westyn.

Thank you Father for an incomprehensible, invincible AGAPE love!