Friday, December 2, 2011

Staying Grounded

I have a pair of old worn out Crocs that I wear everyday.

They are slick on the bottom, the straps are long gone and the color used to be blue, but has attained a more "earthy" hue.

I wear them to the gym, to work, in the shower after work (which means they are the cleanest pair of shoes on the planet, lol) and back home again.

They've been on my feet doing yardwork, on stage, out to eat, in church, under cars, in the attic, on runs, you name it.

My wife and kids hate them, they are embarrassed by "those ugly things".

I am blessed to be able to own more than one pair of shoes. Some of them are rather pricey and I'm thankful for them, but they all fail to do one thing:

They don't keep me grounded.

My old beat up Crocs do that and do it well. I mean I get it, I see the looks others give when they notice them as if to say "Dear Lord, who's this wino?". But you know what? I dont mind - wearing them is an exercise in humility and remembrance to me.

*Remembrance of a humble childhood when sometimes my shoes were too small, of wishing I had what the other kids got to wear.

*Remembrance that in spite of my blessings now, I have the treasure of knowing that they do not make me any better in any way. 

*Remembrance that regardless what is on my feet, it does not dictate which direction I will go or at what speed

 *Remembrance that I can perform any task that more expensive shoes might do more efficiently, as long as I am willing to adapt my approach, execution and follow-through. They remind me that everything I need is inside myself.

How do you stay grounded? Find something that keeps you true to yourself without fluff and "wear" it openly with the gratitude that it deserves.

Now where are my shoes?

Time to get grounded.

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  1. Great post Adam! There is always a good message in everything that you write---love reading them all!!