Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Best Christmas

We all have a Christmas that stands out as "the best".

Maybe it's one from your childhood. One spent at the Grandparent's house, all the relatives and all the good food. Maybe the one where you got the one thing you'd been waiting for all year long (a lifetime to a child).  Maybe the last one spent with someone who has passed on, yet lives on in memories locked in your mind.  Maybe your child's first Christmas, or the first one where they actually knew what was going on. 

For me, today is the best Christmas.
It is still quiet in the house, the only sounds are the clicking of they keys as I type and a snoring Pug.

But it's the first year that I have recognized the ability to go anywhere I want and spend the day with anyone I want using the power of remembrance, the power of my mind. 

I can return to childhood, living in the past and remembering the faces and voices of ones no longer with us. 

I can return to places in my mind that are especially powerful, with the ones who gave them such power.
I can spend my day however I choose, with whoever I choose and in whatever way I choose.

After all, it isn't about where we are that makes the day special, but rather the ones who change our lives for the better that make memories we cherish.
Time is of no consequence, distance becomes only a word.

I can choose to wish today away or I can make it my own!

It is truly a very Merry Christmas.

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