Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Son of My Friends

Roger Octavius Christian Kohrs
Born ~ 18 December 2011

I remember the moment
I read the news
That you were on your way
Excited words
Typed by trembling hands
And read by smiling eyes

I remember watching 
Over the following months
While they prepared 
Your world 
A safe nest for you to land
Eager for your arrival

I remember inspiration
They gave me 
Struggling against great odds
Climbing mountains together
Always holding to each other 
When each other was all they had
To hold on to

I remember small scares
You gave them
And their relief when you were ok
I'm sure you'll repeat the performance
Countless times and they'll
Fuss and hug you and behind your back
be thanking God that you're just fine

As you go through life
Growing in body and mind
Becoming a boy 
And one day a man
Always look to them for guidance
Always trust what they already know

They accept the adventure
Of loving and nurturing you
With joy and gratefulness
Considering it a blessing
And thankful to have been
Chosen for the task

They both understand 
The word Loyalty 
And everything that it requires
They both know the cost
Of being a friend
And each pay it without reservation

I know this to be be true
Because they've shown it to me
And countless others 
Who'll knowingly smile
When they remember the times
They too were counted as a friend

So welcome to this amazing world
Let it be filled with watching them 
And learning how to be a man
Always know that because of them
You have inherited a whole world
Of friends you don't even know


  1. I had to read it again... and cried. Thank you, Adam. He's such a sweet baby, we are so blessed.

  2. Loretta,

    I am so glad that Peanut is doing well. This piece is my gift to you guys.

    Thank you for the kind words and for being one of the 2 people that inspired the writing. Every word is true. You and Roger have defied the odds and are 2 very wonderful people.

    Thank you for being my friend.

    God Bless you and keep you.

    Merry Christmas!