Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My "Love You"

My "Love You"
Adam Bogle
2011 TRP Music Inc. 
(All Rights Reserved)

A thousand miles keep me at bay
Miles made of hectic days
Thinking of you is all I do
And all you're going through

You feel like you've lost your home
but please dont feel alone
Listen for my "Love You"

A thousand screaming voices
Calling out your name
A thousand streaming choices
Some things never change

Your strength is gone away
but please know I'm here to stay
Listen for my "Love You"

Others take all you will give
Drain your life - no chance to live
Let my song be your source
Let my words set your course

Look beyond the despair
Reach beyond the unfair
Feel the home that's just inside
And the strength that never dies
And there listen for my...

..."Love You"

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