Friday, November 11, 2011

I Rest in You

I Rest In You

Eyes open in a blackened room
The night still in it's adolescence
Mind racing to the day's events
Times past and the coming present

Then the thoughts cease moving
My mind frozen in place
By the image of it's choosing
The image of your face

The clanging auditory assault
Begins it's attack on serenity's shores
Then cacophony falls silent to the faint symphony
Of the sound of your life's breathing

The cold air has carries no scent
Olfactory nodes left reaching
Then, just a hint - the faint taste of your scent
Leaves me longing for your teaching

The portrait of your face returns my gaze
Dark eyes whispering my name
Inviting Delighting Inciting Igniting
And suddenly this is not a game

Eyes closed in a blackened room
The dawn's light will be here soon
Sleep escapes me once again
But I have my Rest in You

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