Monday, May 16, 2011

My Name is Life

My Name is Life
Adam Bogle
2011 TRP Music, Inc. (All Rights Reserved)

Does the tree in an empty forest
Fall to the ground silently?

Are the tears you cry 
And the pain inside
Not really there cause no one sees?

Can the emptiness be filled with something
When there's nothing else in sight?

Will there ever be a new day dawning
When all you ever live is night?

There's got to be
Just reach for me
My name is Life

Is there an ending to the story
When you cant even read the words?

Is there a song you could be singing 
When the music can't be heard?

Is there a way across the tracks
Behind this never-ending train?

Or the promise of a rainbow
When all it ever does is rain?

Oh yes it's true
I reach for you 
My name is Life

My name is Light 
When there's darkness all around you
My name is Peace
When all you're living is a war
My name is Strength 
When the road is long and you can't go on...

...And when all your living is done 

My name is Life


  1. Where have you been Adam? Missing your posts.

  2. Evette,

    Been lazy and uninspired, lol...

    Thanks for the foot where it did some good 8^)