Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Kindred Spirits

Memories and Wondering
For far too long a time
All your substance yielded
Was the subsistence 
For my mind

Two separate lives living
Across finite time and space
Reading past treasured words
Scribed blue ink giving chase

To memories and dreams
Of summer night's 
Innocence of things
That bring smiles to light

Now words born in the mind
Coming fast with the speed of light
Carrying time and distance
Guarded reservation's resistance
Destroyed by kinship of sight

They fall on eyes and land in thought
And heart leaps with memories
That run uncaught
At the sound of an unheard voice
And it's familiar refrain

Hundreds of miles
A lifetime of years
A thousand faded smiles
A million drying tears
Could not, have not
Untied the bonds that 
Hold the most Kindred of Spirits

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