Sunday, February 12, 2012

Take a Look

Take A Look
Adam Bogle 2012

You won't come around and its all my fault
You wont speak a word, but it's me that wont talk
Your message in a bottle brings your absolution
To call it one sided hate is your resolution.

Outsiders get to know more than I do
The eggshells you walk on were placed there by you
Despising my honesty resenting my truth
Never stopping to think I might be reaching for you

Each day I face my past, my demons, my hell
I live with the stories they continue to tell
That is my price, my penalty, my debt
To live each day with the cost of regret.

This road is quiet except for the screams
Of how I'm nothing and nothing is me
But I choose not to hear them and choose to be free
I'm becoming the man I was created to be.

The Work that I do is transforming I find
My Work gets done and does its Work in my mind
It tells me there's more to me than the limits you see
It grants freedom from the past and what I USED to be.

So I continue on, to do my work all alone
No mask to hide the man that's now gone
No lies to myself of what used to be
No acceptance of the limits you choose for me.

Evolving my soul into destiny's role
Chosen to be greater than your rejection holds
My mind set like a stone planted firmly it grows
Against all resistance it continues to flow.

So when your thoughts move to me and the images you see
Of the shell of a man that I used to be
Hold onto the thought that I'm somehow caught
Or open new eyes to see a free man that is me.

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  1. Words fail me on this very, very moving. A long and resounding standing ovation. So proud of you, so very proud...

    Best that I have ever read!!