Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Image of You

The room is dimly lit
Illuminated only by the faint glow of the screen.
The only sounds are the white noise lullaby
And the slow, steady rhythm of your breathing.

No glasses, but I stare at you
Watching you fade into sleep
An image more imagined than real.

Memories of your beauty
Filling in the spaces left
By eyes that get weaker each year.

The perfume of your skin
Mostly hidden underneath  
A tropical bouquet
Is there nonetheless.

Stirring memories of
That same scent in
distant scenes we've shared-
I smile in contentedness.

My calloused hand
Moves to take yours.

Finding it.
Without need to search
for the familiar.

Similarly -
My heart finds yours
With no effort at all.

And one day
When the room
Is bright.
And my eyes wont
See in spite of the light.

The image of You
Will belong to me.

The image of You
Does belong with me.

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